Thursday, July 12, 2007

Same Window, Different View

After completing my previous post, the meme about high school, and reading the same posts by my friends and old classmates, Kimmy, Aimee and T, I have come to an OBVIOUS yet interesting realization.
It's such a cliche, this realization. The fact that everybody is different and has a different perspective on things. Well, duh, of course! What I found so interesting about it this time is that it was literally just laid out in black and white. Four females in the same place, at the same time for the same purpose....doing all of the same things! Yet the stories and experiences we chose to relay in our posts were all completely different in every way.
Sure this isn't anything PROFOUND, but I suppose it fascinates me to see the differing views of our time in high school. Apparantly, I had a better experience than my closest friends who would all choose to never go back again. I was always a little bit separate from those friends because of the fact that they were in all honors classes and I was in the regular ol' everyday joe classes. I had all different teachers than they did and all different classroom material and all different classmates throughout the day. Our free periods during the day didn't often coincide, either. I often felt like the outsider where they were concerned. The 'not so smart one' - of course, most people in my everyday classes didn't understand why I WASN'T in honors in their eyes I was 'the smart one.' (Which begs the question, is it better to be the stupid kid in the smart classes or the smart kid in the stupid classes? That's a whole other post!)
I'm thankful that through it all....through the dark periods...through the different arguments....through the good times...through the differences....through long gaps of little to no communication....through thousands of miles in between....through all of it we are still friends. All of us who started out in First Grade together. Maybe we weren't ALL the best of friends while IN first grade, but never forget we all started at St. Cat's in first grade together. That's 25 years, ladies. A quarter of a century.
I couldn't think of a better group of people to spend a lifetime knowing.
Now we all have our OWN windows to look out of and isn't the view just wonderful?


T with Honey said...

The view is beautiful. And the friendship... priceless.

Aimee said...

I was thinking about the same things today, after reading everyone's posts. Something about that first grade class in SCS was blessed - I don't know anyone else who still talks regularly to three people they met in first grade.

Oh, and the more I watch my kids grow and see their education unfold, I am becoming more convinced that "average" kids have it all over the "gifted" ones. Because The Boy has shown me that we are ALL gifted in different ways. I used to think that was such a bad cliche, but it is true. He may not ever be the valedictorian because of his delays, but you'll never find a kinder, gentler, truer heart. And what is more important in this world?

Kimmy said...

ok. so when are we seriously all gonna get together?!!?!?! : )

i realize it's probably hardest for aimee, with 3 rugrats-- but if we let this whole summer go by without uniting the flock, i think i will be mucho sad.

think, think, think (as winnie the pooh would do).