Thursday, July 26, 2007

Adjustment Disorder

i went to register the kids at school today. We were finally able to find the one box that had the kids records and birth certificates in(yes, i know i should've kept them with sue me.) They are officially students in our school district. i'm still not quite sure who is going to have a harder time adjusting to the new school, them or me.
Considering how the majority of schools have elementary, middle and high school, i was pretty much counting on SmartyPants and WiseGuy to be in the same school this year. As a matter of fact, we viewed it as the last time they would attend school together as they are four years apart. She is starting 5th grade and he is going to 1st grade. Well, this school district does it a little different. There is the Primary School, which is PreK, K, and 1st. Then there is elementary, which is 2nd through 6th. Then it's onto the high school, which is 7 - 12th. This means that they won't attend school together this year...but they will next year....then they won't again the year after that. It also means that SmartyPants will be going up to the high school in TWO YEARS! She's 10 years old, for goodness sake! Two more years until she goes to the high school???
Then there is the topic of dress code. There isn't really one. The school they attended in Florida had a strict dress code. Not like the one i'm used to from Catholic School, but jeans or khakis or navy blue, shorts, jumpers, pants skorts and a white, green, red or navy school t-shirt or a shirt of that color with a collar on it. All children HAD to wear a belt and their shirt tucked in as well as socks and sensible shoes. Now they have all kinds of free reign for clothes and i'm just not so sure how i feel about that. i'm not so much worried about what MY children will wear, i'm more worried about what other parents allow their children to wear, thus influencing my children to want to wear the same stuff and dress the same way. *sigh* Is this sounding over protective?? There is also the matter of buying school clothes and the matter of the kids picking out their clothes for the day...

i know, these are little things and i shouldn't stress about them...but i can't help it.

Maybe we need to look into sending them to St Cat's and Central. That would be three mom went to both, i went to both and maybe they should, too. Wayne has made mention of it, as a matter of fact. Certainly not for this year as the finances just won't allow it, but something to think about for next year, maybe.


T with Honey said...

Have you talked to Msgr Smith about the finances? If you really want them there, cause honestly I'm not sure I'd want my kids going to the local school - heard too many not so pleasant things about the influence of other kids there - if you REALLY want them at St Cats he may be willing to work with you. Just saying.

The lack of dress code at public schools back home is something my aunts and uncles moan and groan about all the time. But they talk to their children about dressing for their age and it seems to be working. As long as you stay involved and active in their lives they'll turn out OK no matter where they go to school.

Aimee said...

High school!?! Holy Moses!!

If you guys lived closer to my folks, you could think about Immaculate COnception Academy . . . Fancy! Actually, my mom subs there and she says it's great. Who knows, just something to chew on for the future.

And I agree with T - good kids start with good, involved parents who give a crap about what they wear and what they do. You guys are ahead of the game :)