Sunday, July 08, 2007

An Entire Decade

My little girl went into the double digits today. She's run circles round me so fast I never even saw it coming...and now she's 10 year old.
It was a wonderful day. Most people thought it was a bit hot out. We did well all things considered though...there was a nice little breeze going.
My cousin came over, my Uncle came (the first I've seen him since we've been here) His first words to me were 'Welcome Home.' I've really missed him. Step relatives came by. We had burgers and hot dogs on the grill. Wayne went all out with the burgers making an Asian type of blend, a mesquite cinnamon blend and just regular ol salt and pepper. They kicked butt! Wink Then it came time for the cake.
it was a 4 day project that SmartyPants had input it and helped with and i made everything by hand. It was a labor of love and oh so worth the time that it took. I was worried it wouldn't taste as good as it looked, but in the end, even though it looks sinfully (almost sickeningly) sweet, everyone made a point to say that they were surprised to find that it WASN'T at all too sweet...and oh was it moist. It was devil's food cake and strawberry cake alternating layers with a yogurt and whipped cream and strawberry sauce between each layer. It was as yummy as it looked!
She got a necklace, some coloring books, money and.....a telescope! She has a wonderful Uncle who loves to spoil his goddaughter.
When it got dark out and the neighbor (who's birthday it happened to be as well) was over and we started a fire in the outside fireplace and made smores.
All in all it was a wonderful day. The food was good, the family was hangin', the kids all had a good time and SmartyPants had a good birthday.
I included pics of the cake, before the fairies and ponies and AFTER the fairies and ponies. I was quite proud of my first time efforts!


Aimee said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, SmartyPants!! May your year ahead be filled with wonder and love :)

And Meg, that cake rocks my world! I cannot let Older Girl see that because she want the EXACT same thing for her b-day next week :)

T with Honey said...

That cake looks amazing!!
And it sounds VERY tasty. In fact, just thinking about it and looking at those pictures I'm getting hungry!!!

Kimmy said...

Meg- you should go on that show: Ace of Cakes! : )

And how could I forget about my sweet Lil' Smarty Pants! I guess I did! Sorry, honey! Brian will attest that I did remark a few times on the day: "I can't believe my best friend has a 10-year old daughter!" We will have to visit soon!