Sunday, June 29, 2008


It's been too long since i've made a post. So much to have blogged about between then and now. Of course, it's those very things that have kept me from doing so.

i don't know that i can post everything here in one, two or even three posts. The past 7-8 months have been pretty packed with events. Some life altering...

Our old computer finally took a dump. Regardless of what we decided to do to remedy the situation we were going to have to put out some cashola. So we decided to indulge ourselves and Wayne bought me a laptop. Now i am able to surf the web in bed, on the couch or even out on the front porch. This really sounds dangerous.

i've been keeping up with friends' blogs all along, sometimes posting comments. i hope you all know i've been keeping up with you and thinking of you. i suck at showing it but you ladies are often in my thoughts.

i look forward to reviving this blog....