Saturday, April 28, 2007

Funny Quotes From The WiseGuy

My 5 year old son says some of the FUNNIEST things that I've ever heard come out of the mouth of a child. Below are just two of the most recent.
Last night we were out at a pizza buffet and WiseGuy didn't want to eat. He loves to drink and would choose to have a drink over eat a meal any day. Last night I tried and tried to get him to eat some pizza to which he responded,
"I'm full up with food but I'm down wit drinkin'!"
I almost choked on my cheese!

Quite some time ago we were having some behavior problems with WiseGuy in school, getting notes from the teacher almost everyday. We were stressing to him the importance of making good choices and how they impact the people around him. One day when he came home from school we asked if he made good choices. He replied,
"Yeah, I made good my head."

That boy is a real piece of work!

1 comment:

Aimee said...

HA! The "good my head" is the best! I always make good choices in my head, but they don't always come to fruition :)