Saturday, April 14, 2007

Let's Get This Party Started!

I've been reading the blogs of some good friends for quite some time now. I've got my own blog of sorts that I very rarely update because the options and capabilities at that certain place are sooooo limited. Yet every time I read the blogs of my friends I sit and think to myself 'I should just start to blog HERE. No, that would be copycatting...I've got my own blog at that OTHER place. *SIGH*'
BYSTANDER, NO MORE!!! I've joined the ranks of blogging moms! Just call me Bloggie Bloggerson!
I'll need this place to vent in the upcoming months as we begin our trek back home from a place I like to call Hell, err, uh, Florida. We're returning to the NorthEast and the packing and moving will be stressful to say the least. Two children, a dog and two pet rodents....oh, and my husband. It will be a daunting task, but one that welcome with open arms as I become HOMEWARD BOUND!


Aimee said...

Welcome to the neighborhood, Mrs Bloggerson! And we all can't wait until you leave The Land of the Face of the Sun and move back up to the Land of Scrapple!

T with Honey said...

You're moving back home?! You lucky dog!!!!

Meg M. said...

yes, FINALLY! You ladies have no idea how happy I, wait, i know that AIMEE knows how happy I am. Any true Yankee who has lived in Florida for any length of time can understand the pure JOY and getting the heck out of here once and for all!
We all (me, Aimee, T and Kimmy) need to get together sometime this summer with our little ones. That would be such a blast!