Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I saw this over on The Mother Load. Thanks, Aimee!
All of the answers below must begin with the same letter as your first name. Here goes!
My name is Megan, so all of my answers must begin with the letter M.

Famous singer/band: The Monkees
4 letter word: made
Street: Maple Street (yes, Aim, I think EVERY town has a group of tree named streets)
Color: maroon
Gifts/Presents: money
Vehicle: Maserati
Things in a Souvenir Shop: Mugs
Boy's Name: Mark
Girl's Name: Melissa
Movie Title: Mars Attacks
Drink: Mojito
Occupation: Mason
Flower: Marigold
Celebrity: Meg Ryan
Magazine: MAD
US City: Miami, Florida
Pro Sports Teams: Mets
Fruit: Mango
Reason for being late for work: Messy Traffic
Something you throw away: markers (when they are drued out, of course)
Things you shout: "Mama Mia!"
Cartoon character: Mickey Mouse


T with Honey said...

But of course, you would have to list The Monkeys for famous artist/group!! Remember doing the Monkey walk while hiking back in the GS days?

Meg M. said...

How could I live with myself if I HADN'T put The Monkees!?
And I do remember doing the Monkee walk on hikes! Ah Girl Scouts....so many fond memories!