Thursday, July 17, 2008

The New 'Do

Well, i just HAD to post a pic of WiseGuy's latest hairdo.
i didn't know until he sat in the stylists chair that he wanted a mohawk. We used to style his hair into one with his regular ol cut, but this time he wanted it SHAVED that way. Those who know me know that i'm not the most conventional person anyway, so i was happy to oblige. i figure it's only hair, it will grow back!
One of the little boys at the babysitter's house decided that he TOO wanted a mohawk...and a dye job! His hair is now a black and red mohawk. Of course, Gabriel wanted a new color now, too. Fortunately i have a few different colored hair glues that i used to use on occasion. It keeps the mohawk standing up and colors it until the next shampoo! He was tickled. Today his hair matched his shirt!


Billie said...

I love the new do. It's all the rage lately and I agree with you, it's only hair and it will grow back. Summer is the perfect time to do these things anyway. Then in 30 years he can look back and say wow, I can't believe I had a mohawk. The colored hair glue idea is perfect -it allows for variety too.

Kimmy said...

that's my man!

Aimee said...

Rock on!