Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Morning Coffee

Here i sit in front of the laptop at 7:11am drinking my coffee and eating my Activia Yogurt, pondering the prospects of the day wondering what awe inspiring task i'll be given at work today. Posting payments, maybe? Moving files, possibly? Maybe i'll continue my momentous task from yesterday....paper shredding!


If i had my druthers i'druther be drinking my mocha, eating my bons-bons while awaiting the arrival of the cleaning lady and the pool boy. Suppose one would need a pool in order to have a pool boy. Lord knows i've got plenty for the hypothetical cleaning lady to do!

SmartyPants is still sleeping (i'm jealous) and WiseGuy insisted on an early morning shot of the Xbox. It's like his coffee.

Wayne is flipping through the morning news shows and drinking his coffee, no doubt contemplating what Comcast will throw at him later this morning. It ain't easy being The Cable Guy!

When life goes by so fast it's easy to overlook these seemingly mundane times. Taking a step back to look at the big picture....how 'quiet' the house is despite the beeps from the xbox and the news anchor rattling on. There's no yelling, no fighting, no barking, no meowing. Odd how the definition of 'quiet' changes after you have kids in the house for a while. But it's quiet...and peaceful....and i wish i didn't have to work today so i could stay home and enjoy this peace and quiet...until, that is, SmartyPants wakes up and begins picking on WiseGuy then Wayne chimes in telling her to leave him alone and she begins arguing that he started it even though we all know that SHE did and WiseGuy argues HIS battle with SmartyPants that SHE started it....

yeah....i gotta go to work now...

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