Saturday, July 26, 2008

Help Battle Cancer

Animals play a very important role in my life. When i talk about being a mom i am not just referring to my children with two legs and no fur. My four legged, fur lined housemates are just as close to my heart. They are my furbabies.
Back in May i lost a soul mate. My shepherd mix, Petey, lost his battle with lymphoma. He was diagnosed in February and the disease worked fast. He is one of those reasons i had mentioned for being away from blogland for so long. My heart is broken and i am still in mourning. The whole situation was a traumatic one for me and i was lucky to have one of very best friends, Kimmy, with me when Petey's time came to an end.
Out of this came a desire to help other people who are in the same situation i was. There were treatments, chemotherapy, that could've put the cancer into remission and given my boy several more happy, quality years. Those treatments, however, cost upwards around $5000 and we could not afford that. i was devastated and turned my sadness and desperation into action, researching online and calling different vets and clinics to get as much information as possible to help combat the disease in other ways and maybe find an organization to help with the costs of treatment. My vet was awesome and worked hand in hand with me to fill out applications and get info together. i heard back from every single organization with the same message 'Your dog is the perfect candidate to receive financial aid for treatment, however, we regret to inform you that we have no funds to give at this time.'
It was one of the most helpless feelings in the world. Knowing there were ways to help him but money stood in the way. i was blessed to be part of a very tight-knit online community who got together and raised $300 for Petey. It certainly wouldn't pay for the chemo, but it helped with purchased a better quality, grain-free, dog food, as well as supplements to support his immune system.
Having gone through the frustration and agony that i did i am trying to come up with ways to help other people in my situation. One of the organizations that i turned to was Canine Cancer They allowed me to post Petey's story on their website in hopes of getting financial sponsors. They are also doing lots of wonderful work educating people about canine cancer and raising funds to help families in need. Below is a button that links to the Canine Cancer Awareness website. Won't you please post it on your own blogs? Spread the word and help prevent others from experiencing the heartbreak i did.


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