Friday, August 10, 2007

i rock?! WOOHOO!

T over at T With Honey apparently thinks I ROCK!!! She has dubbed me a Rockin' Girl Blogger! Very awesome, T, thanks!

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Now for the fun part, awarding OTHERS!!!

First, kimmy at blog my memory. She totally rocks! This i've known since grade school. And when i say she ROCKS i mean she REALLY rocks! i've got the audio tapes to prove it!!!

Aimee from The Mother Load ALSO rocks! Grade school once again was when i discovered that fact. She also rocks because if it weren't for her, i would've never started my own blog. Of course there are many other reasons she rocks, but you'll just have to go and read her blog for that one.

Billie is new to the blogosphere. Her new blog, Life in the Circle, is already shaping up to be a great read. We have only recently gotten back in touch after years and years of no contact and that in itself ROCKS!

Of course, i must give rockin props back to T! She thinks i rock and, well, that just rocks!!! HA!

That, my friends is the extent of my rocking blogger girls!

This totally rocks! LOL


T with Honey said...

Consider it a late birthday present. ;)

Kimmy said...

*blush* goo. thanks, honey!
i'd like to thank god, and my mother, and the academy for this honor. : P
seriously, i have not yet begun to blog, but thanks again!

Aimee said...

Thanks Meg!! I am so jazzed by this award - especially since YOU think I rock! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi i got a rocking girl blogger award too!